BidyBab's are  minor antagonists in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. They accompany Baby. They appear in Night 2 when Baby is telling you to hide under the desk.



Custom Night Image

Bidybab CN Jumpscare-0

Jumpscare Custom Night


BibyBab's are seven human-like animatronic's with a round body, peach-colored skin, large blue eyes, a human-like nose, and a toothy grin. All seven versions of BibyBab's are notably some of the smallest animatronics in the series.


  • BidyBab and Minireena are the only known Animatronic's not part of The Birthday Party Schedule
  • There is a possibility that the voice in the trailer was the BidyBab's instead of Circus Baby herself.
  • Bidybab is an anagram of "Baby Dib"

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