Michella Moss is one of the voice actors for Five Nights at Freddy's Sister Location, She is the voice actors of Ballora the Ballerina.

About Michella Moss

Most of her life has been spent performing music, spoken word, writing, and recording in professional studios. She have been doing voice over work for 6 years.

She have done vocals for various musical productions, In Canada and via remote recording internationally. She also have theatre experience, performing an and singing.

She generally working in her recording studio every day, so she can usually provide very quick turnarounds on her reads, and on any required revisions.

Professional music recording career and a great deal of related studio experience (excellent mic technique, flexible and adaptable - take direction well from producer or client...)

Will write and perform original music as required. Years of experience as a vocalist/singer

Michella's voice over clients

  • Sandals Grand Antigua resort
  • The Jackie Robinson Museum, New York city.
  • The Frank slide interpretive center, British Columbia.
  • U.S. Armed forces radio network – “more isn’t better” ad.
  • Energy Systems Network – alternative energy company.
  • McGuire associates – disability training promo.
  • Med El – Product launch for cochlear implants.
  • Canadian Centre for Policy alternatives.
  • ACP pavers – Hardscape installation promo.
  • SARcode opus-2 dry eye study – Radio ad.
  • El Paseo drive – Radio ad.
  • ipad website commercial – in British accent.
  • Erotic film festival awards show – voice over host.
  • counseling – Radio Ad, Vermont.
  • Maria Avramova short film “Loop”– Character VO (New York city film festival,


  • “Serbs for Serbia” humanitarian organization.
  • Absolutely Fabulous Furniture, Phuket Thailand – Radio ad.
  • Ignacio Pena – VO for educational video.
  • ”Vintage Premium Clothing” VO for internal film.

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